Workshop on mitigating the risk of supply chain disruptions in China

Are you ready to learn the new development of social insurance policies and environmental requirements in 2018? Sign up today, and gain your access to the workshop on January 11-12.

Today, more business than ever believes compliance is the bottom-line for sustaining competitive and responsible supply chain.


Workshop on Mitigating Supply Chain Ethical Risks

To better support supply chain to respond to the new requirements/laws to mitigate ethical risks, the workshop on New Requirements and Good Practices to Mitigate Supply Chain Ethical Risks will be delivered to the supplier factories senior managers and/or ethical trading managers on 16th November in Shanghai. 


Occupational Health Annual Review and Outlook

If you are watching for the workers occupational health and productivity, you may know certain health risks emerging in 2017. You and your colleagues are cordially invited to the Occupational Health Annual Review and Outlook Seminar, which will be held in Guangzhou Garden Hotel in the afternoon of 29th March 2017. Here you will be given some insights and tips to ensure occupational health in your factory and supply chain.