Workshop on mitigating the risk of supply chain disruptions in China

Are you ready to learn the new development of social insurance policies and environmental requirements in 2018? Sign up today, and gain your access to the workshop on January 11-12.

Today, more business than ever believes compliance is the bottom-line for sustaining competitive and responsible supply chain.

China is committed to promoting and implementing long-term sustainability policies, particularly those policies regarding social security and environmental protection as related to workplace safety and health.

The country has recently adopted a series of measures to improve social security system, and protect workers wellbeing by ensuring a safer workplace and ameliorated environment in general. The Chinese supply chain may find new compliance challenges arising when more nuanced policies in those areas are adopted and seriously enforced. 

There is a pressing need for business to be informed of latest development of policies, standards and trends, and subsequently learn from good practices.

NEWAsia has designed a first-of-its kind joint-course with ETI to provide brands, buyers, factories, and other interested stakeholders with the tools they can apply to their supply chain in order to comply with more stringent standards, whilst achieving business prosperity and contributing to the country’s sustainability agenda. 

You will hear from the competent authorities in charge of these issues and legal practitioners with practical experience. They will provide you with the insight and skills you need to make improvements in compliance at a cost-effective manner.  

· Early bird (before December 31st, 2017) / group price for 3+ participants: 
  a) RMB1,500 (USD225) / participant for Social Insurance Compliance Strategy on January 11.
  b) RMB2,000 (USD350) / participant for Environmental Taxation & Supervision Workshop on January 12.
· Two-day registration price (January 11 + 12):  RMB3000 (USD450) / participant
· Normal registration (after December 31st 2017): RMB2,300 (USD350) / participant
· Lunch, tea break, certificate included, exclusive of participant’s hotel and travel.

Please visit our upcoming events webpage or contact Mr. Amen Wang (, +86 18021516311) for more information.

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And we are here to share and explore with you how to reduce the risk of potential disruptions in the supply chain. Sign up today or share with someone you know interested in this joint workshop – and gain all the insights related to above-mentioned issues. 

Thank you and look forward to seeing you around,

Asia Wang
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