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NEWAsia keeps you up to date with sustainability topics and trends through our public and private seminar, workshop, salon, webinar, on-line training, e-learning, and other on-line events. Whether you need customized training programs or want to stay up-to-date on new sustainability issues, NEWAsia events will give you and your company an edge in sustainability.

A recent survey by an ETI corporate member of its local suppliers revealed that, more than half of local suppliers delayed delivery by 10-39 days due to taking extra measures to meet environment protection laws, and more than half of local suppliers have no clear strategy to reduce the waste dischar...

Aug 24, 2018, FridayShenzhen

Uniques of this one-day training workshop include:
 • Detailed introduction on MSA laws, definition and indicators/ rating for different practices.
 • Group discussion on more than 60 real scenarios of grey areas to identify potential risks.
 • Developing supply chain map to ...

Nov 16, 2017, ThursdayShanghai

If you are watching for the workers occupational health and productivity, you may know certain health risks emerging in 2017. You and your colleagues are cordially invited to the Occupational Health Annual Review and Outlook Seminar, which will be held in Guangzhou Garden Hotel in the afternoon of 2...

Mar 29, 2017, WednesdayGuangzhou

A large factory fire devastates. Its aftermath lingers for years. The long-term disruption that follows puts investors and workers under stress and imposes large financial, educational and administrative costs. It is a price that no factory can afford to pay. However, while no factory is immune fr...

Jun 23 - 24, 2015, Tuesday and WednesdayShanghai
Jun 25 - 26, 2015, Thursday and FridayShenzhen

When the authorities and NGOs come calling in China, there could be big bucks at stake. Expect their increasing influence on how your business handles environmental and occupational health issues.

Are you prepared for the strictest environmental laws in 2015 and beyond? How will your company addr...

Jan 27, 2015, TuesdayGuangzhou