NEWAsia Partner for Sustainable Development

NEWAsia® is a leading solutions provider in the fields of social compliance, health and safety, and environmental performance.   

Our insight has helped textile and hard goods factories make working conditions healthier and safer, human resource management more compliant, and production “cleaner” and “greener”.  We have developed and managed environmental systems for factories of multinational footwear and electronics companies, which has led to more efficient uses of energy and water, less waste and more benign production practices around potentially hazardous conditions and chemicals.  

Our expertise is based on 15 years of private sector work with Adidas, Nike and IBM, and with agencies like GIZ, USAID and all levels of the Chinese government.  We are well versed in local and international laws, as well as industry best practices in the social and environmental fields.  

NEWAsia offers both technical solutions on the factory floor and a sustainability strategy for brands and retailers. Furthermore, we have successful partnerships with a wide range of local and overseas organizations such as international and national corporations, government agencies, NGOs, and academic institutions.

For more information, please contact us at 4000-126-456.