Social & Environmental Compliance Seminar

Fri, 08/24/2018 - 09:00 to 17:00
Venue Shenzhen Felicity Hotel, Shenzhen, Futian

A recent survey by an ETI corporate member of its local suppliers revealed that, more than half of local suppliers delayed delivery by 10-39 days due to taking extra measures to meet environment protection laws, and more than half of local suppliers have no clear strategy to reduce the waste discharge in response to the new regulations. Enterprises and their supply chains are facing more complex challenges following the enforcement of China environmental regulations in 2018. Thousands of factories were shut down due to environmental non-compliance. 

2018 is also occupational health law year in China. Improved environmental performance has a huge positive impact on the protection of workers’ health and safety. This is also a highlighted principle enshrined in the ETI Base Code.

It becomes imperative for a responsible brand to re-assess risks in each level of its supply chains as part of its due diligence, understand the trends and adapt environmental policy to the new regulatory requirements, standardize and improve the supply chain environmental management system, and provide substantial support to the operations of its suppliers.

In order for your suppliers to better understand the regulations and their interpretations, the focus of law enforcement, the environmental inspection content, liability and prevention, the impact of environmental improvement on workers' OSH, and the government's future plan, we invite you to the one-day seminar on social and environmental compliance on August 24 in Shenzhen.  The interactive seminar will be mainly delivered by chief counselor of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and duty Principal on Provincial CDC. They will provide you with insights of relevant regulations, practical suggestions for the preparation of environmental inspection, occupational disease surveillance and prevention.

The seminar will also analyze real-life cases, share best practices and provide practical compliance tips.  

ETI Base Code
► Environmental legislation
    1. Reason and rationales of a new trend and main responsibilities of Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate;
    2. Enterprise environmental compliance obligations and impact of improved environment on workers’ health and safety; 
    3. Most significant obligations of enterprises and penalties according to the regulatory requirements; 
    4. Key content of environmental supervision and inspection by Central government’s Inspectorate; 
    5. Strategies to cooperate in environmental inspections by Central government’s Inspectorate; 
    6. Good practices for enterprises to cooperate in Blue Sky Initiative
    7.  Tips and practical guidance for improvements  
► Occupational Disease Prevention
    1. Occupational health examination 
        • Types
        • Examination conclusions and follow-up
        • Enterprise obligations
    2. Occupational disease diagnosis and validation
        • Diagnosis process and requirements
        • Disputes and solutions 
        • Criteria and logics in diagnosis
        • Compensations
    3. Occupational health supervision adjustment and priorities.

Chief Policy Counselor from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment,Deputy Principal from Provincial Occupational Disease Prevention Institute

Chief Policy Counselor from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, chief delegate for environmental policy and legislation study and development, offers technical and strategic support for enterprise environmental compliance and green supply chain management.

Deputy Principal from Provincial Occupational Disease Prevention Institute, has been engaged with occupational disease law and regulations research, occupational disease diagnosis, and accident investigation over the past two decades. 

1. Early bird (before 15th August 2018) group price for 3+ participants: RMB 2,000 (USD 300, HKD2300)/ participant
2. ETI member: RMB 2,000 (USD 300, HKD2300)/ participant
3. Normal registration (after 16th August 2018): RMB 2,500 (USD380, HKD3000)/ participant
4. Limited seats for first come first served. No entrance for unconfirmed registrations
5. Venue, tea break, training material included, exclusive of participant’s hotel and travel