Workshop on General Industrial Structural Safety

Shanghai, Guangzhou | 05-06 March 2014

NEWAsia Solutions Limited organized a workshop on “General Industrial Structural Safety” in Shanghai in cooperation with the Fair labour Association (FLA) from March 5-6, 2014. A similar training workshop was also conducted in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province on March 6, 2014.

The objective of this workshop was to explore common factors affecting structural safety, key signs and indicators for assessing structural safety, as well as how to deal with illegal or ill facilities, such as those erected without construction application or geological data, documented design or documented construction, quality supervision, or final acceptance (“five-no” buildings).

During the workshop, Mr. Yu, the Chief Engineer of the Nanjing Housing Safety Assessment department, gave a presentation on general industrial structural safety comprising: Structural safety concepts and principles, facility damages and causes, risk assessment methods, measurement and treatment, and models and instruments of measurement.

Participants showed great interest in the topics presented and were proactive in the workshop.