Workshop on Building Fire Safety Assessment and Management

Shanghai | 23-24 June 2015

From June 23rd through June 24th, 2015, NEWAsia presented a 2-day workshop on “Building Fire Safety Assessment and Management - Navigating the Grey Areas and Blind Spots” in Shanghai, in cooperation with the Fair Labour Association (FLA). The first of its kind, this exceptional course was tailor-made for enterprises and multi-national companies of more than 100 workers, major fire protection units, flammable and explosive workplaces, service structures more than 17 years old, lack of permits, and/or zero tolerance violations on fire safety in supply chain audit.

More than 60 representatives from brands, suppliers and international organizations participated in the workshop.

Objectives of this workshop were to help brand representatives, CSR and EHS professionals to systematically understand the basics of building fire safety assessment, building fire legal permits and compliance, fire safety accountability, procedures and factory fire safety management performance assessment. Furthermore, the workshop was a great opportunity for participants to learn four kinds of competency assessments: identifying and eliminating fire risks, distinguishing fire at the starting phase, evacuation, as well as fire safety training and education.

Mr. Asia Wang, Managing Director of the NEWAsia, moderated the 2-day workshop. Mr. Zheng, the expert Senior Colonel from General Provincial Fire Protection Bureau delivered training with abundant and practical experience from the authority perspective. Mr. Zheng has devoted the last four decades of his life to fire protection and prevention causes, which allowed the participants to have first hand insights and solutions to building fire safety assessment and inspection.

This training incorporated the specific session of questions and answers, and more than 50 questions were raised to clarify the grey areas and challenges in fair safety assessment in the supply chain. This enhanced the interaction between the trainer and participants, as well as creating a more practicable, active and effective training environment.

At the end of the workshop, participants completed an examination and earned the certification of Building Fire Safety Assessment and Management, jointly issued by NEWAsia and FLA.

A similar workshop was held in Shenzhen on June 25th through June 26th, 2015. More than 70 representatives from brands, suppliers and international organizations participated in the workshop.

Participant reviews of the workshop were very positive. Each participant left the workshops with new, value-added solutions and insights on building fire safety assessment and inspection, as well as opportunities to increase their business’ sustainability.