NEWAsia Certified as ILO SCORE Trainer

Two trainers from NEWAsia were approved as ILO SCORE Trainer in the first round of national trainer certification in China. A certified trainer can provide SCORE Training independently or in collaboration with SCORE partner organizations.

The decisions were made by the Trainer Certification Committee. And the certificates were issued by SCORE Global.

Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is a practical training and in-factory counseling programme that improves productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SCORE seeks solutions to social and environmental challenges that deliver long-term values.

Mr. Asia Wang shared his view on promoting SCORE training in the supply chain: “During SCORE implementation, we learnt that the factory managers have huge concerns on the bottom line of brands’ expectations and they are keen to understand more about the major violations and solutions in compliance audits, which laid a good foundation for their involvement in SCORE training. Our experiences and insights suggest that any capacity building project without full engagement and support from workers cannot have sustainable impacts. We believe that SCORE will help improve the supply chain eco-system based on transparency and continuous improvement, and finally achieve win-win-win among brands, suppliers, and workers through workplace cooperation. SCORE is a project of sustainable vitality as it meets the basic needs of Chinese SMEs by improving their compliance bottom line, decent work performance and profitability."

Building suppliers’ capacity to continuously improve product quality and working conditions is of great significance to multinational enterprises (MNCs) and leading brands. More and more MNCs are looking for means beyond traditional social audits to improve suppliers’ capacity for compliance, and devoting greater efforts to create win-win relationship with suppliers through providing training and capacity building.

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