Building Safety Assessment Portfolio

Based on our concrete working experience on building safety training and assessments, NEWAsia is utilizing a new, modern data management platform to facilitate all of our critical life safety (CLS) assessments, including also fire and electrical safety assessments.

In global supply chain management, we view rigorous and specific CLS assessments as mission critical for any business. Critical Life Safety includes fire, electrical and structural safety, and as the name indicates, is concerned with the matters most potentially hazardous to human life. In the current reporting and regulatory climate it may be easy to get tangled in the various frameworks and acronyms, so it’s crucial to be able to prioritize issues with the greatest impact on human life and safety. This is what we want to help our clients do.

NEWAsia has already been chosen as the third party of choice by a number of international brands for their building safety assessments, and we are excited to help many new clients on their journey in the future.

Our new CLS platform brings together multiple data flows regarding critical life safety issues, and visualizes them in a way that’s easy to grasp at a glance. For more detailed views, there are multiple sub-platform options. The whole system is set up to guide you through the cycle of early warning signs, hazard data and management, and will ensure your business is always on top of its critical life safety, protecting the people throughout its global supply chain.