Building Fire Safety Assessment and Management Workshop

A large factory fire devastates. Its aftermath lingers for years. The long-term disruption that follows puts investors and workers under stress and imposes large financial, educational and administrative costs. It is a price that no factory can afford to pay. However, while no factory is immune from the risk of fire, factories can certainly reduce the chances of it happening or, if the worst does occur, keep losses to a minimum.

You and your colleagues are invited to this workshop on navigating the building fire safety grey areas and blind spots in the supply chain. This workshop shows you how.

Earn your certificate of completion for the first and exceptional workshop of Building Fire Safety Assessment and Management from NEWAsia and Fair Labor Association (FLA), which is the first available course to the public in China.

The expert Senior Colonel from General Provincial Fire Protection Bureau allows you have the first hand insights and solutions to building fire safety assessment and inspection. Mr. Zheng has been devoting to fire protection and prevention cause over the past four decades.


Target Audience

This workshop is tailor-made for brands, factories with more than 100 workers, major fire protection units, flammable and explosive workplaces, more than 17 years service structures, lack of permits, and/or zero tolerance violations on fire safety in supply chain audit.

  • Brands CSR Managers, Specialists, Auditors, Assessors
  • Third Party Auditing and Consulting Experts
  • Fire Safety Managers
  • EHS Managers
  • Plant Manager, General Managers, Production Managers
  • HR/CSR/Administration Managers, Staff
  • Trade Union Members
  • General Affairs Supervisors
  • Welding, Cutting and Maintenance Technicians
  • Fire Safety Service Firms
  • Lawyers and Consultants
  • Others who are interested in this topic



A. Basics of Building Fire Safety Assessment

  • 1. Flammable and explosive substance categories and classification
  • 2. Fire categories and elements
  • 3. Substance fire risk categories
  • 4. Factory fire risk categories
  • 5. Flammable and explosive area classification
  • 6. Building fire risk categories
  • 7. Civil building fire protection classification
  • 8. Building fire-resistance level and limit
  • 9. Explosion-proof pressure relief
  • 10. Furniture and furnishings classification

B. Building Fire Legal Permits and Compliance Assessment

  • 1. The scope and exceptions
  • 2. Building fire safety design assessment
  • 3. Building fire safety acceptance and permits
  • 3. Building initial inspection before the operations
  • 4. General construction registration and selective examination

C. Fire Safety Accountability, Procedures and Instructions Assessment

  • 1. Fire Safety Accountabilities
  • 2. Fire Safety Training and Education
  • 3. Fire Safety Inspections
  • 4. Fire Fighting Facilities Maintenance
  • 5. Fire (Control Room) on Duty Arrangement
  • 6. Fire Risks Identification and Remediation
  • 7. Open Fire Management
  • 8. Electrical Fire Risk Management
  • 9. Flammable and Explosive Places Instructions
  • 10. Instructions on Gas, LPG and Electrical Appliances
  • 11. Fire Brigade and Volunteers
  • 12. Fire Drills and Emergency Response
  • 13. Fire Safety Performance Appraisals and Disciplines

D. Factory Fire Safety Management Performance Assessment

  • 1. Fire safety organization structure
  • 2. Fire brigade and volunteers organization
  • 3. Key sector, unit and station management
  • 4. Routine measurements, maintenance plans and records

 E. Competency Assessment of Identifying and Eliminating the Fire Risks

F. Competency Assessment of Distinguishing The Fire at The Starting Phase

G. Competency Assessment of Evacuation

H. Competency Assessment of Fire Safety Training and Education

 I. Fire Risks and Insurance

  • Public gathering places and chemical-handling enterprises insurance on occupants and properties.

 J. Laws and Penalties

  • 1. Criminal liabilities against fire safety management laws and regulations
  • 2. Civil liabilities against fire safety management laws and regulations



Mr. Duanwen Zheng

Sr. Engineer,

Senior Colonel

Technical Level: V

Provincial Fire Protection Bureau

National-wide Excellent Professional on Fire Safety Science Education, 16-year Membership in Science Education Steering Committee of Chine Fire Protection Association, Top-100 Scholar for China modern fire safety progress. Mr. Zheng joined the army in December 1972, and retired in December 2012. Mr. Zheng formerly worked in front-line fire safety branches for fire safety supervision and inspection, review and approval on the design of building fire protection, and fire accidents investigation. Mr. Zheng worked in Fire Vocational School, Colleague, and Provincial Fire Safety Bureau for fire safety education and training.  His publications include: Chemical Fire Safety, Manufacturing Processes Fire Safety, Fire Safety Management, Fire Safety Technologies, Fireworks Fire Safety Technologies, Gas and Fuel Filling Station Fire Safety, Must-read for Enterprise Workers Fire Safety, Chemical Logistics Supply Chain Fire Safety, Petrochemical Enterprise Fire Safety, Inside Decoration Fire Safety Technologies, Fire Safety Supervision Guideline, New Technologies on Rural Areas Fire Safety.


Venue and Time





Tuesday and Wednesday, June 23rd -24th, 2015

Thursday and Friday, June 25th – 26th, 2015



9:00 to 17:00



Shanghai Jian Gong Jin Jiang Hotel

Shenzhen Best Western Felicity Hotel


691 West Jianguo Road, Xu Hui District, Shanghai

Exit D MTR, 1085 Heping Road, Luo Hu District, Shenzhen



  • Early bird (before June 16th, 2015) / group price for 3+ participants: RMB3,000 (USD500, HKD3,800) / participant
  • Normal registration (after June 16th, 2015): RMB3,500 (USD580, HKD4,500) / participant
  • Lunch, tea break, certificate included, exclusive of participant’s hotel and travel.


Online Registration:



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Bank Account Information for USD, HKD

Account #:       801-365693-838



Bank Name:    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Please send your bank deposit slip after the payment to for preparing your invoice/Fapiao.


Questions from Audience (Abstract)

  1. What are the legal exceptions for the permits of fire safety design, fire safety acceptance, or registration?
  2. How to calculate fire extinguishers in factory building and civil building?
  3. Is it necessary to install fire detectors in dormitories? And what are the key requirements on fire alarm system there?
  4. Is it acceptable to have the dormitory in the same building within canteen, shops, and temporary non-combustible warehouse?
  5. How to achieve essential safety against dust and chemical explosion?
  6. What should we do since there was no fire acceptance permit for the 2-storey temporary warehouse, which is connected to the main 3-storey production building?
  7. What are the priorities in the authority fire safety supervision and inspection?
  8. What kind of measurement, assessment, maintenance of fire system systems must be conducted by 3rd party firms? And what are about the marketing prices for the services?
  9. What are the common penalties on the company legal person, investors, and fire safety managers in fire accidents?
  10. What are the common tools and instruments for fire safety routine maintenance and measurement?