Annual Review on Environment & Health Top Headlines

Venue: Garden Hotel, Guangzhou, China. Date: 27th January 2015

When the authorities and NGOs come calling in China, there could be big bucks at stake. Expect their increasing influence on how your business handles environmental and occupational health issues.

Are you prepared for the strictest environmental laws in 2015 and beyond? How will your company address changing requirements and prevent risks and liabilities?

Do you know why there are only 2% occupational diseases unveiled, while more and more cases are exposed and increased by 30% each year in China? What is the state of occupational health now?

Who is striving for green supply chain against haze and smog? How do your favorite brands rank in IPE Corporate Information Disclosure Index (CITI)? How can you improve your brand through environmental information disclosure?

You and your colleagues are invited to our annual seminar, where we will review current issues facing the environment and occupational health.


Environmental Protection Review (9:00 - 12:00)

  • Legislative trends and analysis
  • Uncapped compensations & public interest litigation
  • Case studies & hot topics
  • Green supply chain assessment scope and practice

Mr. Chen, Principal

Vocational College of Environmental Protection Engineering

(Former Director of Legislation Division, Environmental Protection Bureau

Guangdong Province)

Occupational Health Review (13:00 - 14:15)

  • Occupational disease categories update
  • Legislation analysis
  • Lawsuits and trends
  • Solutions and strategies

Mr. Huang, Director General

Guangdong Province Occupational Disease Prevention & Treatment Center

Personal Protection Review (14:15 - 15:15)

  • Legal requirements on PPE 
  • Occupational hazards assessment
  • PPE selection
  • PPE use and management

Ms. Gloria Lin, 3M

Green Brands Review (15:30 - 16:30)

  • CITI, PITI, Pollution Map overview
  • Ranking criteria
  • Ranking insights
  • Case studies
  • Public participation
  • Suggestions and solutions

Mr. Matthew Collins

Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE)

Q&A, Wrap up (16:30 - 17:00)



Gain insights into best practices and solutions for green supply chain and manufacturing processes, risk prevention, and how to best align CSR strategy and values through transparency and stakeholder engagement.


Who should attend

  • Brand representatives, CSR and HR staff
  • Factory Owner, General Manager, Production Manager
  • HR, CSR, Administrative Management and staff
  • Workshop supervisors, Trade union representatives
  • Lawyers, consultants
  • Others who are interested in new policies and solutions


Price (Exceptional offer)

  • Early bird (before Jan 16, 2015): RMB500 (USD80, HKD600) per participant

Remarks: FLA, BSCI, ETI members/participants, and/or group offer (3+): RMB350 (USD60, HKD400) / participant

  • Normal registration (after Jan 17, 2015): RMB1, 000 (USD160, HKD1, 200) per participant
  • First come, first served. No entrance for unconfirmed registrations
  • Lunch and tea break included


On-line Registration and Questions:


Send us your questions for the speakers in advance and we will get back to you with the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental Protection

  1. Is it necessary for a general apparel/cap factory to have EIA and pollution discharge permits?
  2. What permits are necessary for a factory with canteen, dormitory, and one small boiler?
  3. What are the routine monitoring scope/items for small scale domestic sewage and spray irrigation wastewater treatment plant?
  4. What are the average costs for pollutants monitoring? How often are they incurred? How do we manage and save on monitoring costs?
  5. What are the differences if the treated water is discharged to river/surface water or municipal wastewater pipe?
  6. What are the risks when the wastewater from printing and spraying processes are discharged to the municipal wastewater pipe?
  7. What could happen if a factory discharges the coating wastewater to a dyeing mill wastewater treatment plant?
  8. How to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of wastewater and air emission treatment systems based on expert experience and insights?
  9. What are the available channels/resources to check my supplier’s environmental compliance performance records?
  10. How do I quickly evaluate the EIA report quality? 

Occupational Health

  1. What are the top priorities in eliminating occupational diseases in China?
  2. What are the average costs for occupational disease treatment and compensation?
  3. What are the alternatives for benzene and other common, highly toxic substances?

Green Brands

  1. What can brands learn from CITI?
  2. What are the leading brands doing with CITI?
  3. How can brands use CITI to develop a roadmap for next 3 years?
  4. What is the overlap between CITI and ZDHC, Higg Index, BEPI, GSCP, SCI?
  5. What are the trends for public participation and public interest litigation?
  6. What are some bottle-necks and break-throughs for corporate information disclosure?
  7. Which brands and sectors will be included or excluded in CITI in the future?
  8. How can brands work together to take full responsibility for pollution from manufacturing among stakeholders?