Annual Review on Environment and Health Top Headlines Launched

Guangzhou | 27 January 2015

On 27th January 2015, NEWAsia Solution Limited organized a not -for-profit annual seminar on the topic of Annual Review on Environment and Health Top Headlines in the Garden Hotel, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. More than 90 representatives from brands, multi-national companies, suppliers, NGOs, authorities, and international organizations participated in the seminar.

The objective of the seminar is to provide best practice, legislative trends, information, incentives, and a roadmap for the private sector to integrate Greening Supply Chain into their CSR strategies and programs, as well as to promote the benefits associated with Greening Supply Chain in CSR strategies and programs both inside and outside of business.

The seminar was opened and moderated by Mr. Asia Wang, Managing Director of NEWAsia Solutions. In the morning session, Ms. Qi, Associate Professor of Vocational College of Environmental Protection Engineering, introduced an overview on the new updated Environmental Protection Law, the legislative trends, as well as the local enforcements of environmental protection from the authority’s perspective.

In the afternoon, three topics on different focuses were delivered. Mr. Hu, Deputy Director General of Guangdong Province Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, reviewed the occupational disease categories updates, stressed the solutions and strategies on occupational health. Ms. Gloria Lin, who is from 3M, delivered a vivid speech on personal protection issue. Through on-site demonstration and interaction, the participants got effective knowledge on how to select, use and manage the personal protection equipment (PPE).  Mr. Matthew Collins, who is the Project Manager of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), conducted the final section. He illustrated the ranking criteria and insights on the IPE Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI).

Through this one-day event, the participants had reviewed current environmental and occupational health headlines, gained insights into best practices and solutions for green supply chain and manufacturing processes, risk prevention, and how to best align CSR strategy and values through transparency and stakeholder engagement. All participants enjoyed the immersive atmosphere and the engagement & alignment opportunity among the brands and suppliers.