2019 Supplier CSR Annual Refreshment Workshop

Shanghai | 28 October 2019

NEWAsia successfully delivered a one-day workshop on “Supplier CSR Annual Refreshment” on 28th October 2019 in Shanghai for a leading brand with more than 100 suppliers and agents, which was NEWAsia’s 8th annual conference for the suppliers and agents.

The objective of this workshop was to enhance the competency and offer insights into:

  • Brand strategy and dimensions
  • Occupational health and safety management
  • Environmental issue and green supply chain
  • Solutions and practice to working hours management
  • Case studies

Mr. Asia Wang, Managing Director of NEWAsia Solutions, delivered the training with the focus on enhancement and best practices on OHS management system, chemical safety, and fire safety. During the workshop, Mr. Asia Wang explained how it is becoming imperative for a responsible brand to re-assess risks at each level of its supply chain as part of its due diligence, to understand the trends and adapt environmental policy to the new regulatory requirements, to standardize and improve the supply chain environmental management system, and to provide substantial support to the operations of its suppliers.

All participants showed a great interest in the topics and participated proactively in the interactive exchange and in-depth discussion on promoting CSR practice in supply chain management. Most of the participants have participated in NEWAsia’s seminars and workshops with different value-added topics. They expect more leading CSR training provided by NEWAsia in the upcoming year.